Individuals with communication and swallowing deficits benefit from working with our speech pathologists. Our primary focus is addressing any oral motor, swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, speech, or language skills that have been affected by a neurological event or debilitation related to an underlying medical disease process.

At Regeis our therapists perform swallowing evaluations and treatments, identify the level of swallowing and recommend specific diet choices along with swallowing/feeding strategies. Individualized plans of care, tailored to each patient’s needs are developed. In addition, speech-language pathologists recommend nutrition alternatives and provide education to patients and caregivers regarding the disease processes and compensatory strategies.

By improving speech patterns and/or providing instruction in the use of speech assistive devices, therapists enhance residents’ ability to communicate with staff, family, and friends.

We are here to help when you need us
  • We are the only facility in the Bronx offering the Solo Step program.
  • We boast one of the highest return to the community discharge rates in the county.
  • Our discharge return to the community rates is one of the highest in the borough.
  • We have the highest number of return customers for secondary surgeries.