Recreation Programs

Therapeutic Recreation

Regeis Care Center has a unique, multifaceted therapeutic recreation program that is integral to the overall care and rehabilitation of our residents. Our goal is to offer a wide range of activities that nurture and comfort the minds and spirits of our residents.

Therapeutic recreation program is offered by qualified staff members who are specialized in recreation therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and horticulture therapy. Our recreation staff provides quality individual and group programs appropriate for each resident.

One to one individual room visits are also provided for residents that are unable to attend group programs due to medical conditions or by personal choice. Regeis therapeutic recreation program is designed to promote physical, social, and mental comfort and well-being of our residents.

Sample Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Recreation Therapy

⇢ Aroma Therapy
⇢ Bingo Game
⇢ Cooking Group
⇢ Current Events
⇢ Day Trips
⇢ Domino Club
⇢ Educational Program
⇢ Exercise
⇢ Karaoke
⇢ Shopping Program
⇢ Spanish Club
⇢ Word Games

Music Therapy

⇢ Drum Circle
⇢ Sing-A-Long
⇢ Song Writing
⇢ Music Appreciation
⇢ Garage Band

Art Therapy

⇢ Art Appreciation
⇢ Crafts
⇢ Crochet / Knitting
⇢ Drawing
⇢ Painting

Horticulture Therapy

⇢ Seeding
⇢ Plant Anatomy
⇢ Plant Division
⇢ Pruning
⇢ Herb & Vegetable Garden Care

Spiritual Services

Pastoral services and individual spiritual room visits are also available.

Pet Therapy Service

Therapy dog, Willow, visits once a month to spend time with our residents.