Our physical therapists are among the most innovative in the industry utilizing state of the art equipment to restore residents to their optimum level of function. We feature biomechanically correct Matrix strength series equipment and we’re proud to introduce the Solo step supported harness system, which promotes independence with standing and walking. Customized therapy programs address pain management, increases in strength, endurance and flexibility, to allow our residents to achieve their maximum level of mobility and thereby independence.

At Regeis Care Center, our expert clinical staff have been trained to provide restorative programs aimed at addressing individual needs. Specific treatments for all neurological and orthopedic conditions include balance training, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy and gait re-training. Also onsite is a fully functioning motor vehicle to work on car transfer in preparation for transition to the community. We offer services six days weekly for up to two hours daily.

We Are Here To Help When You Need Us
  • We are the only facility in the Bronx offering the Solo Step program.
  • We boast one of the highest return to the community discharge rates in the county.
  • Our discharge return to the community rates is one of the highest in the borough.
  • We have the highest number of return customers for secondary surgeries.