At Regeis our occupational therapy program promotes independence, as it allows our residents to have a more active and self-fulfilling life after illness, injury or disability.

Occupational therapy gives residents choice and control to participate in purposeful and meaningful daily activities that we take for granted. These can be activities related to self-care, play or leisure, their work and/or home responsibilities, and community-based tasks. Through participation in daily programs aimed at fostering individuality, our residents can positively influence their physical and emotional health.

Areas of treatment include increasing strength, coordination, balance training as well as wheelchair mobility and the use of adaptive equipment. Emphasis is also placed on safety in the home, and caregiver education in preparation for community re-entry. To supplement returning home we utilize our fully equipped model kitchen and bathroom to enhance the resident’s performance. Skilled OT services are offered six days weekly for up to two hours daily.

We Are Here To Help When You Need Us
  • We are the only facility in the Bronx offering the Solo Step program.
  • We boast one of the highest return to the community discharge rates in the county.
  • Our discharge return to the community rates is one of the highest in the borough.
  • We have the highest number of return customers for secondary surgeries.