Cuisine You Can Enjoy

“Foods Cooked from the Heart”

Meal time is a great time at Regeis to enjoy your dining experience. Meals served in the right setting makes the difference when enjoying foods prepare specifically to meet your dietary needs, unique taste and preferences. At Regeis we understand we all have a Chef in us; here we are that Chef in You!

Eating right is the one of the most important parts of your care & our Culinary Team understands that.

Our Culinary Team’s focus is to create, prepare and deliver an outstanding dining experience worth your satisfaction through the usage of quality products in our meals. Our meals are culturally infused and precisely detailed for you.

Our team of chefs, dietitians, supervisors and line staff work hand-in- hand to serve great meals.

The offerings are approved by the clinical dietitian, and are customized to meet all diets and medical conditions. We encourage residents to choose their meals daily or if preferred weekly.

At meal times only your satisfaction counts!

Our culinary team holds the 1 st place title of The Association for Healthcare Food Service of New York. We serve a diverse menu as our residents are ethnically diverse with exotic food choices and adventurous taste.

Food choices are yours; take control. We will help!

We offer pantries and dining areas on all of the units. Our Regeis Café serves food and beverages throughout the day. There are two cafes serving foods and beverages thought out the day. Our Chefs are able to prepare and produce great tasty meals in our state of the art kitchen; our culinary experience and gastronomy expertise aides are focus and help us develop new recipes all year round. Our pastries and desserts are baked in house by our chefs every morning. Cookies, Pies, biscuits, Danishes, muffins, cupcakes and delicious mouth watery cakes.

With menus illustrating our focus and embracing diversity we serve comfort foods, ethnic foods, holiday foods and trendy foods…And of course great foods!

Our culinary programs include:

Taste of the World – Travel to a different country each month to taste and experience the different flavors and culture.

Herb of the Month – Explore and taste new herbs and spices to tantalize your taste buds.

Cooking Demos/Aromatherapy – Watch our award winning chef prepare new dishes.

Doughnut Social – Socialize with new friends over coffee.

Happy Hour – Enjoy a delicious cocktail or a mocktail.

Holiday Dinner Celebrations – Special dinner with loved ones.